La Badiane and more

“Experiencing different cultures in just one place, I understand more profoundly about people from different countries when meeting customers at La Badiane. It’s the reason why I have had a strong attachment to La Badiane for such a long time”Ms. Ha, Supervisor and one of junior staff of La Badiane


Name: Ha

Age: 25

Home town: Ninh Binh

Education background: Hotel management

Working experience: Metropole, Sheraton

Current position: Supervisor at  La Badiane


1. Satisfy my own passion

From passion and hobby of meeting people and learning about the culture and language, I chose to study hotel management at university and determined to pursue career in the restaurant industry.

“I started working at La Badiane when I was in the senior year at university. When one of my classmates call for applying for a French restaurant, I came to the interview and then got the part -time job. Since then, I have been stick with La Badiane for 4 years. In May 2014, I was promoted to supervisory position at the restaurant. Working at La Badiane has given me more than my expectations, especially as a person with intensive passion for the field of restaurants and hotels. It is a precise decision of my life. “

2. Explore different cultures at just one place

I or any customers coming to La Badiane for the first time might be impressed and intrigued by green space and fresh atmosphere here. Having chance to work and enjoy yourself in a characterized French space in the heart of Hanoi, exquisite French cuisine, enthusiastic, insightful and professional managers in the working style of the French is an awesome experience of the youth. Besides, I also have the opportunities to learn and exchange of culture or cuisine from the diners coming from all over the world. It is really a great environment, fulfilling my passion for restaurant management.

I have gained many experiences with this job because I met a large number of different customers and made many efforts to satisfy them. It requires each employee to have a sense of responsibility, being quick-study and dynamic staff. Each of imperfect details can make customers unhappy and in turn, underrate ourselves or the quality of restaurant services.

3. Sharing – a way to experience

Most of customers at La Badiane are foreigners: Japan, France, South Korea, … They are very open, friendly and interesting. Besides, some of our customers are Vietnamese who are gourmets with great passion for French cuisine and always want to experience and discover the essence of the famous cuisine. For up-coming time, La Badiane want to share more about French cuisine with Vietnamese customers, and in particular, chef Benjamin has researched and designed a menu for the Vietnamese.

In June to August, La Badiane has implemented a special  program for Vietnamese  customers. It would be the first time La Badiane has introduced a menu exclusively for the Vietnamese. Customer will enjoy a 3-course meal in this special set:

- Starter: 2 types of French foie gras

- Main course: XXL rib steak  served with 3 kinds of sauce, chips and ​​green salad

- Cool dessert for summer

The main course made of the 2nd best beef of the world (only ranks after Kobe beef) will certainly please even the most picky Vietnamese customers.

To satisfy Vietnamese appetite, chef Benjamin will add more Vietnamese ingredients to the dishes. A little bit of French red wine would be a perfect  final touch for this special meal set.

Enjoying delicious meal in a green space of flowers and trees will be a pleasant and comfortable experience that we want to offer our customers this summer.