From 18:30 to 20:30, September 3rd 2014, Restaurant La Badiane and Da Loc Ltd, together held the wine tasting party with participation of more than 20 partners and suppliers.

At the party, Da Loc had brought 5 special wine species (3 red and 2 white) with different intensities. These were selected carefully based on class as well as matching charateristics with dishes in La Badiane’s menu. Mr. Nicolas Miloe – manager of La Badiane said, after this event, the restaurant would consider bringing positively reviewed species into his drinks menu.

Test wine

Test wine 2

Test wine 4

Test wine 3

Test wine 5

Test wine 6

The guests seemed to be pleased with the 5 wines from Da Loc Ltd, especially when tasting them along with dishes cooked by Chef Benjamin. Moreover, the party is a chance for the guests to meet, exchange and get to know more about French wine – a unique and endless aspect of French cuisine.

Here are the 5 wines of the tasting party in La Badiane. If you want to know more and to taste the wines and the finest French cuisine, you are invited to visit La Badiane, No.10 Nam Ngu.

Test wine 7

Del 10 – Cotes du Rhone Saint Esprit – Cotes du Rhone

Test wine 8

Bor 36 – Chateau Berthenon tradition – Premieres Cotes de Blaye

Test wine 9

Bor 06 – Beau Revage Premium Barrel Aged – Bordeaux Superieur

Test wine 10

Bor 22 – Bear Rivage – Bordeaux AOC

Test wine 11

Bor 36 – Chateau Berthenon tradition – Premieres Cotes de Blaye