• Chef’s surprise.

265.000₫ / $12

• Prawn bisque, snow egg in spicy coconut milk, grilled prawn in curry with fried shallots & aromatic herbs.

• Crusted salmon in smoked paprika with goat cheese dill Chantilly, candied figs.

• Rolled prosciutto with grilled eggplants & Gorgonzola cheese, arugula & artichoke in basil oil & balsamic glaze.

• Beef Carpaccio with grapefruit & candied onions in ginger,  soya wasabi dressing, crunch of Parmesan.

• Crab sphere « mimosa style » in wild ginger essential oil, Dalat asparagus with candied lemon & beetroot, crunchy sesame.

• Marble of “Foie gras” with figs, almonds & pistachios in wild pepper essential oil, apple chutney & raspberry coulis. Supplement: 140.000₫

595.000₫ / $27

• Roasted French duck breast with lychee & apple salad with roasted almonds, sweet potato mousseline, basil oil & red wine cocoa sauce.

• Lamb shank with creamy couscous & eggplants, rosemary & cumin lamb juice & Parmesan emulsion, coffee glaze & harissa oil.

• Marinated grilled Australian beef tenderloin, pear in red wine & sauted arugula with shallots & peas, Gorgonzola emulsion.

• Grilled fillet of red tuna & chorizo, risotto with roasted bell pepper, black olive tapenade, Parmesan crumble & pine nuts, balsamic glaze.

• Grilled salmon steak with hazelnuts, cauliflower mousseline & green asparagus in blackcurrant, peppercorn sauce.

• Seared scallops & seafood, bouquet of vegetables with parsley zucchini juice & saffron emulsion.

245.000₫ / $11,10

• Reblochon in thyme, camembert with mustard, Gorgonzola mousse in pepper, goat cheese in smoked paprika, truffle oil.

245.000₫ / $11,10

• Chocolate

Spicy cocoa crème brulée, chocolate fondant & ganache, curacao Chantilly, tangerine sorbet.

• Exotique

Coconut crème brulée, banana crumble with grapes & Rum, mango & pineapple Ceviche in passion fruits, vanilla ice-cream.

• Fruits Rouges & Red berries

Grenadine crème brulée, strawberry salad & raspberry tart,lime sorbet.

• Café gourmand

Baileys « crème brulée », Amaretto tiramisu, pear pastilla in cinnamon, pistachio ice-cream.

Prices in $ are indicative. For all payments by credit card, 2% bank fee are to be supported by customers.